Joe Bonamassa, The Borderline, London

"Thank you for sticking with me all these years," the 35-year-old bluesman acknowledges to his loyal fans before the encore. Occasionally, however, it was a bit of a struggle "sticking" with this two-hour encounter.

Eels, Academy, Glasgow

“I've got enough fight left inside this tired heart / to win this one and walk out on my feet,” rallies Mark ‘E’ Everett amidst the uncharacteristically reflective “On the Ropes”, a song which steps back from the usual pace of his customary alt.blues style. Lifted from his (E essentially is Eels) acclaimed new album Wonderful, Glorious, the song is just one perfect crystallisation of his enduring ability to cut straight to simple emotional truths. At the same time it’s a lyrical manifestation of the keen survivor’s instinct he’s shown to get through the well-documented trials of his life to this point.

Richard Thompson, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Playful as ever, Richard Thompson has described his latest project as a “weedy power trio” that plays “folk-funk”. Fact is, tonight offers precious little folk, not much funk and his current, highly economical line-up sounds anything but puny.

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Family, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Even more than fellow travellers Traffic, Family were in danger of being written out of the annals of British rock history or just remembered for the handful of off-kilter, intriguing hits they scored in the early seventies.