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13 years, millions in pay – and one ruined set – as Ross

In his rollercoaster career at the BBC, Jonathan Ross made it his personal mission to prick pomposity and court controversy. So it was perhaps fitting that, after a decade of trashing chatshow etiquette, he should bring down the curtain on his Beeb career by meting out the same treatment to his studio set.

Brittany Murphy: Actress whose versatility matched her 'jolie laide'

While not traditionally beautiful according to the Hollywood standards of yore, the American actress Brittany Murphy had "jolie laide" looks – big, brown eyes, a slightly disdainful mouth, a pointed chin, just-out-of-bed hair – which she used to great effect as she combined parts in ditzy comedies like Clueless and Just Married to meatier roles in the dark thrillers Girl, Interrupted and Don't Say A Word.

Hit & Run: Acting on autopilot

Why is it that Hollywood actresses seem to have stopped...acting? This week's Golden Globe nominations may have been a triumph for Brits like Carey Mulligan, Emily Blunt and Helen Mirren but they underscored just how limited Hollywood actresses' choices have become. When Sandra Bullock is nominated for her performance in a lightweight romantic comedy like The Proposal and Meryl Streep racks up yet another nomination for her inglorious mugging in Julie & Julia, it is clear that something is very badly awry.

Mickey Rourke: Hey Mickey, you're so fine

He was down and out of the Hollywood A-list, but with a Bafta in one hand and a bottle of bubbly in the other Mickey Rourke is the undisputed king of the comeback.

Culture: Give Sean Penn an Oscar for irony

At the time of writing, I don't know what films appeared on the list of Oscar nominations announced on Thursday, but the results are such a foregone conclusion that I can confidently predict that Slumdog Millionaire will win Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay; Milk will win Best Original Screenplay; and Kate Winslet will win Best Actress.

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Rourke accused of verbal attack on friend Penn

The Oscar nomination ballots have been with the arbiters of movie genius – members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – since Boxing Day, and the addition of a sub-plot involving what Mickey Rourke did or didn't say about Sean Penn has added a little bit of drama to the process.