My Bloody Valentine

Album: My Bloody Valentine, Loveless (Sony BMG)

Gigs aside, for Kevin Shields to make his comeback not with the third My Bloody Valentine album he's promised for 17 years but a reissue of the last one, remastered to little purpose, is only fitting.

My Bloody Valentine, Roundhouse, London

Lesser talents be warned – My Bloody Valentine are back, hunting a legacy frittered away by their own procrastination and lazier groups that took on their mantle. The group re-form here after a 16-year absence, during which band leader Kevin Shields scrapped an album and went into isolation. Fans would be forgiven for expecting to find the venue still being built. This is the band, after all, that took three years to record their 1991 masterpiece Loveless. Last week, Sony BMG was due to re-release the group's two albums, a project delayed since Shields is late with the sleeve notes to explain his remastering process.

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