No Wave (punk)

Album: Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto (Parlophone / EMI)

Hearing for the first time the songs that will, inevitably and inexorably, become part of the fabric of Western life from X Factor auditions to shopping-centre muzak, is a strange and often depressing experience.

Album: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Mirror Traffic (Domino)

After the brief excitement of the Pavement reunion, Stephen Malkmus is back making amiable but unchallenging off-kilter country rock songs, albeit with great opening lines like "I saw you stripping in your Birkenstocks" and "Would you like to pet my rifle?"

Album: Cerebral Ballzy, Cerebral Ballzy (Cooking Vinyl)

Like Anal C*** and Fucked-Up, these Brooklyn punkers have risen to modest prominence due to their "shocking" name rather than any claim to musical greatness. Channelling the gonzo "punk pathetique" of Splodgenessabounds, The Macc Lads and early Black Flag, CB's debut consists of a dozen headlong thrashfests about the joys of skateboarding, fare-dodging, eating pizza and drinking beer. Its main virtue: brevity. Most songs are sub-2 minutes, and the entire album is over in 20.

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Wire, Rough Trade East, London

The dial is not turned quite up to 11 at tonight's in-store show: epochal post-punk band they may be, but Wire are, still, in their fifties, and they trickle on to a bizarrely polite smattering of applause.

Album: Wire, Red Barked Tree (Pink Flag)

There's something jarring about hearing 56-year-old Colin Newman spit a couplet as snotty and adolescent as "Fuck off out of my face/ You take up too much space".