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Patrick Swayze

Cultural Life: Jackie collins, author

An unputdownable, dazzling thrill-ride is 'City of the Sun' by David Levien. Not for the fainthearted. 'My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands' by Chelsea Handler is a hilarious trip through her early love life.

Patrick Swayze: Actor best known for his roles in 'Dirty Dancing' and

Most actors are fortunate to get one signature role, one part for which they are fêted or idolised. Patrick Swayze, who has died aged 57 from pancreatic cancer, found two. His career may have been short on the critical approbation that he craved, but his most memorable and successful performances, first in the nostalgic musical drama Dirty Dancing (1987), then in the Oscar-winning Ghost (1990), made him a superstar, and gave America one of its few leading men who were unafraid to play vulnerable. However, he remained ambivalent about his screen persona as a sex symbol.

Patrick Swayze and me

In 1987, a Texan trained in classical ballet became a star overnight, with a role as a holiday camp dance teacher who awakens love in an awkward teenager. And to millions of movie fans, the actor, who died this week, will always be Johnny Castle – the rebel with all the right moves

Big screen blasts from the past

The new 3D animation film Monsters vs Aliens takes its characters from Fifties sci-fi B-movies – and makes them cuddly. Expect more of these retro-cultural mash-ups in a cinema near you, says Kaleem Aftab

Swayze says he may only have two years left to live

The actor Patrick Swayze, in his first television interview since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, said he was scared, angry and "going through hell" and may only have two years to live.