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Let there be sculpture!

Matilda Battersby
Wednesday 07 October 2015 09:41

Twelve new sculptures have appeared at the New Art Centre in Wiltshire for its summer exhibition Let There Be Sculpture!.

The works are dotted around the extensive grounds of Roche Court, a country house built for Admiral Nelson in 1804, where the gallery is based.

The diverse selection of works range from James Capper’s mechanical contraption (pictured) to Marcus Kleinfield’s ‘Totem,’ which resembles a cross between a streetlamp and a coat hanger.

Awst & Walther’s reconstituted soil effort has been designed to look like a gravestone; while Molly Smyth’s ‘Triumphant’ celebrates human interaction within a given space, in this case, an approximation of a children’s playground.

“As the range of material available to artists multiplies and traditions, cultures and histories are assimilated into its practise, sculpture will always find new arenas and new forms,” a spokesperson for the gallery said.

“[The exhibited works] are not a unified expression of a shared sensibility, rather a demonstration of the boundless prospects for sculpture now and in future.”

Click here or on the image for more pictures of Let There Be Sculpture!

Let There Be Sculpture! is open until 19 September 2010, New Art Centre, Roche Court, Wiltshire

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