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<p>Granduciel (left) with his ‘big, six-piece band’ </p>

The War on Drugs: ‘Springsteen gets a kick out of my son’s name Bruce’

As his Grammy-winning band prepare to release new album ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’, Adam Granduciel tells Kevin E G Perry how the record was shaped by fatherhood, fame and memories of Bob Dylan


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How is it possible that The Rolling Stones are still in their prime?

A full six decades after Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first laid eyes on each other, they remain in rude health

End of the Road 2021 offered some transcendent moments

Binning any pretence of introspection on the main stage, Hot Chip simply throw one heck of a party

For the Love of Festivals

Music festivals have saved me so many times

Concluding our series of first-hand accounts of life in tents, Patrick Smith recalls the way that festivals such as End of the Road and Primavera have helped him through bad times, from heartbreak to grief to crushing depression

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