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<p>File A Chinese newspaper on sale, with the headline that reads “Outsider strikes back”, featuring Donald Trump on the front page in Beijing on 10 November, 2016</p>

Why a second Trump presidency would mean turmoil for Taiwan

After four years in which the Biden administration has strengthened its defensive assurances for Taiwan, experts tell Shweta Sharma that Trump would almost certainly take a more transactional approach

Harry Hamlin: ‘Clash of the Titans was fraught – the producers didn’t speak to me again for 25 years’

The ‘L.A. Law’ star – and one-time reality TV husband – speaks to Tom Murray about bonding with Laurence Olivier, his former relationship with Ursula Andress, and why playing one of mainstream American cinema’s first gay leading roles put him in a 40-year exile from major movies

Breakout role: Hamlin as Perseus in the 1981 fantasy film ‘Clash of the Titans'

The hidden side of Jake Paul

Jake Paul spends a lot of his time being insincere, to devastating effect. Alex Pattle tries to find the man behind the mocking

<p>Jake Paul started off as a Vine and YouTube star – and has gone on to trade the Disney Channel for the boxing ring </p>

Can iconic fashion brand Burberry weather this latest storm?

As Burberry faces turmoil, Katie Rosseinsky looks back at the British brand’s chequered history and asks how it can turn its fortunes around

<p>Iconic: models Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne wearing the classic trench coats </p>


Love Island USA is the summer’s most-watched reality show. The dating dumpster fire is all too relatable

While there’s been non-stop drama throughout season six of Peacock’s Love Island USA, viewers are seeing their own dating disasters reflected on screen. Meredith Clark, Olivia Hebert and Kaleigh Werner unpack some of the biggest issues plaguing both modern dating and the Love Island villa.


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