It’s been two years since Biden signed the burn pits bill into law. But sick veterans say the fight isn’t over

A major milestone has now been reached with one million claims approved by the VA, giving veterans access to healthcare after burn pits exposure made them sick. Veterans and advocates tell Gustaf Kilander about the years of ‘gaslighting’ before they got to this point– and what needs to happen next

<p>Comedian and activist Jon Stewart hugs Rosie Torres, wife of veteran Le Roy Torres who suffers from illnesses related to his exposure to burn pits in Iraq, after the Senate passed the PACT Act at the US Capitol August 2, 2022</p>

One Boeing whistleblower attends the memorial for another. The ‘air capital’ is on-edge

The aviation industry has been at the epicenter of Wichita, Kansas – the self-styled “Air Capital of the World” – for more than a century. But as layoffs are announced and one Boeing supplier whistleblower attends a church service in memory of another, uncertainty reigns.

    <p>Joshua Dean memorial service on the left, Santiago Paredes on the right</p>

    Can Hollywood save Joe Biden?

    President Joe Biden is trailing rival Donald Trump in many polls. That has led the Democrat hopeful to turn to Tinseltown for backing and support. A steady stream of Hollywood A-listers have flowed through the White House, and the re-election campaign.

    <p>Actor Mark Hamill appeared in the White House briefing room in support of President Biden earlier this month </p>





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