<p>‘I’m not going to see “Longlegs”. I know that’s not me up there’ </p>

‘Harvey Weinstein wanted to have power over me’: Longlegs star Alicia Witt

The ‘Dune’ and ‘Urban Legend’ actor and musician, who lost her parents in tragic circumstances, talks to Adam White about the catharsis of playing a mother in her latest film – the eagerly anticipated ‘Longlegs’ – as well as her unusual childhood and her ‘wildly awful’ treatment by Harvey Weinstein

<p>Donald Trump attends a campaign event with national union leaders on July 10 in Washington DC. </p>

The bogus right-wing legal battle to keep Joe Biden on the ballot

The Heritage Foundation could make things ‘difficult’ for Democrats, but election law experts say the group’s threat of litigation is more about challenging the legitimacy of Trump’s rival, Alex Woodward reports



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