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An M Night Shyamalan comeback? Now that’s a twist no one saw coming

The ‘Sixth Sense’ mastermind never deserved the mockery that seemed to trail him at the midpoint of his career, writes Adam White. Thankfully, with his new film ‘Old’ and his recent run of hit B-movies, he’s finally embraced his schlocky uncoolness

Geoffrey MacnabCrooks of Hollywood: a tale as old as Tinseltown

It was alleged last week that Hollywood producer Jordan used his filmmaking activities as a front for an international prostitution ring. There’s nothing new in prominent industry figures dabbling in criminality on the side, writes Geoffrey Macnab

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Life as a vet helping reconstruct the faces of poached rhinos

Dr Johan Marais is one of the few ‘wild vets’ that can help give rhinos brand new faces. He speaks to Abbianca Makoni about his efforts to combat the illegal wildlife trade

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Mary DejevskyEnd of an era as Merkel continues her ‘farewell tour’

Angela Merkel visits Washington today as part of her ‘farewell tour’ ... and by the end of the year, Germany will have a new chancellor. Mary Dejevsky on her life and legacy