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<p>‘Sometimes people say, “Wow, you’re a Black actor on stage at the National, that’s so rare!" But I’m not the first’</p>

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett on playing a vengeful drag queen: ‘I tried to do the treadmill in heels’

The star of Channel 4’s ‘Misfits’ and the acclaimed 2017 revival of ‘Angels in America’ plays a gay man out for revenge in the gritty and provocative thriller ‘Femme’. He speaks to Adam White

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<p>Spielberg vs Malick: Tom Hanks in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and Woody Harrelson in ‘The Thin Red Line’ </p>

Saving Private Ryan got the praise – but The Thin Red Line won the war

25 years ago, two rival Second World War epics were released within months of each other. But while Steven Spielberg’s film soaked up Oscars, Terence Malick’s poetic alternative remains divisive. But one is clearly more visionary than the other, writes Geoffrey Macnab
<p>Deeply disappointed with himself: Paul Giamatti as curmudgeon Paul Hunham in his Oscar-tipped comedy ‘The Holdovers'</p>

The underdog appeal of Paul Giamatti’s loveable losers

The ‘Sideways’ actor is tipped to receive an Oscar nomination for next year’s ‘The Holdovers’, a festive comedy that marks his latest in a run of down-on-his-luck curmudgeons. Geoffrey Macnab looks at the life and career of an unconventional star always drawn to cinema’s most introverted anti-heroes






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