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Baltimore will rebuild but at what cost? | On The Ground


Baltimore will rebuild, but at what cost? | On The Ground

Latino workers have told The Independent they are too afraid to take on jobs rebuilding the Baltimore bridge after six migrants died in its collapse last month.

Miguel Velasquez, who has worked in construction for over 10 years, says that he would not work on the construction of a new Francis Scott Key Bridge because of how dangerous it would be.

“Lives are always lost on those kind of big projects” he said, standing in front of the memorial to the Latino men who lost their lives.

Fernando Sajche, another Baltimore construction worker, says others do not have the luxury of choice. “Spanish people come here to work. It doesn’t matter what, they will do it, because somebody has to”.

The bodies of three men are still missing, as the US Coast Guard and Maryland State police begin the painstaking process of removing parts of the crumpled bridge from the Patapsco River.

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