Portfolio: Filip Dujardin

Words,Adam Jacques
Sunday 23 October 2011 18:59

When is a building not a building? When it comes from the well-constructed imagination of Belgian architectural photographer Filip Dujardin. His photo series Fictions twists images of everyday buildings such as concrete office blocks and brickwork homes into something remarkable, thanks to a little Photoshop magic.

"After a while shooting the work of other architects, I didn't feel the excitement of buildings any more," he explains. So Dujardin created his own by shooting parts of existing buildings, built around the 1960s and 1970s in his home town of Ghent, and merging the resulting images to produce entirely new edifices. "I wanted to explore how buildings can touch you emotionally, and then explore their sculptural quality."

The results are familiar yet fantastical: a family home deconstructed into a Gehry-esque jigsaw; or a top-heavy office building that you fear might topple over (opposite, top right).

"A structure without windows becomes strange," he admits, "yet all my creations leave the impression that they could have been built – it's just you've never seen it."

For more: filipdujardin.be

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