New technology will keep people off their phones at shows

It's already catching on in the US

Christopher Hooton
Friday 04 December 2015 11:18

Because this is what it’s come to, a new technology startup is teaming up with venues to create ‘phone-free zones’ at gigs and shows.

Dave Chappelle, who has banned the use of phones at his stand-up shows for years, will be among the first to make use of them, at the 13 sold-out shows he has coming up in Chicago.

Yondr works likes this: You put your phone in a special case which automatically locks when you’re in the auditorium. If you do need to use your phone, you simply step out of the phone-free area and it unlocks.

In Chappelle’s case, the move is probably to stop footage from his shows winding up on the internet, but Yondr will also prevent annoyances like phones ringing mid-performance, and people checking their WhatsApp.

According to San Francisco Weekly, the idea is already catching on at music venues, stopping people from viewing concerts through their screens.

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