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Beyonce's Grammys performance sparks criticism from parents

Parents have called the singer's performance 'inappropriate' for children

Daisy Wyatt
Tuesday 28 January 2014 12:48 GMT
Beyonce has been criticised for parents for her raunchy performance at the Grammys
Beyonce has been criticised for parents for her raunchy performance at the Grammys (Getty Images)

She once sang about being an independent woman and a proud single lady, but on Sunday night Beyonce ditched her feminist front in favour of a leather thong.

The singer opened the Grammys ceremony wearing a leather basque, fishnet tights and skimpy underwear, while dancing 'sexily'’ on a wooden chair with her legs spread.

Beyonce's raunchy opening with husband Jay Z is the latest in a recent spate of X-rated award ceremony performances to cause a stir among parents.

Melissa Henson of US conservative watchdog Parents Television Council described the performance as suggestive, adding that pop culture’s endorsement of "pornographic" images was troubling for parents.

"We have seen pretty consistently enough inappropriate material [on awards shows lately], that a lot of parents have written these off. [Beyonce's] dancing on the chair was suggestive.

"When I was a kid, these shows were a big deal, and we could watch them without any fear of inappropriate material. But unfortunately those days are gone," she told Yahoo Music.

A number of parents shared Henson’s concerns, voicing their outrage on social media.

Mother Theresa Bailey tweeted: "Beyonce seriously? It's 8:00. That performance was NOT appropriate for children #shameonyou," while father Stephen G Peters wrote: "Sorry Beyonce!!! Class ALWAYS wins! It wins for our children. Sad day when our kids can’t even watch the Grammys! #Puzzzled."

Others were less concerned about what children might think, adding that they probably should not be watching the Grammys in the first place, but were more perplexed about Beyonce’s sudden decision to project a sexualised image.

Kaela Kinney tweeted: “I love #Beyonce but I prefer watching her talented vocals blow me away…not a thong and fishnets.” Another Twitter user wrote: “So Beyonce basically wore a thong body suit for her Grammys performance. She’s too talented for this tasteless s***”.

Beyonce flashes her leather thong after peforming with husband Jay Z (Getty Images)

But others praised Beyonce’s performance, surprised by the backlash from parents.

“Criticism of Beyonce & Jay Z at the Grammys bugs me. God forbid a couple should portray marriage as delightful. Hide the children!”, wrote Kyrie O’Connor.

Lena Dunham was among the celebrities in support of the singer’s Grammys opening: “HOLY S*** BEYONCE you aren’t even a woman anymore you are the world and you are the lord,” she tweeted.

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