Alan Moore: Watchmen creator and self-proclaimed anarchist to vote in election for first time in 40 years

'These are unprecedented times,' the comic book writer said

Jacob Stolworthy
Thursday 21 November 2019 09:48 GMT
Trailer for HBO series Watchmen

Alan Moore, the self-proclaimed “anarchist” who wrote the Watchmen comic books, has announced he will be voting for the first time in 40 years.

Ahead of the election in 2017, Moore threw his support behind Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, but said he was refusing to vote as he “prefers direct political action and comment without an elected intermediary”.

Moore has now said he will vote in the next election, which will take place on 12 December, and explained why in a Twitter statement posted by his daughters, Amber and Leah Moore.

“Here’s something you don’t see every day, an internet-averse anarchist announcing on social media that he’ll be voting Labour in the December elections,” he wrote.

“But these are unprecedented times. I’ve voted only once in my life, more than 40 years ago, being convinced that leaders are mostly of benefit to no one save themselves. That said, some leaders are so unbelievably malevolent and catastrophic that they must be strenuously opposed by any means available.”

He acknowledged that his vote “ principally against the Tories rather than for Labour”, but described Corbyn’s manifesto as “the most encouraging set of proposals that I’ve ever seen from any major British party”.

Moore added: “Though these are immensely complicated times and we are all uncertain as to which course we should take, I’d say the one that steers us furthest from the glaringly apparent iceberg is the safest bet.”

An acclaimed new version of Moore’s beloved graphic novel Watchmen, starring Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson and Jean Smart, is currently airing on HBO, Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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