Milo Yiannopoulos' book only sold 152 copies in the UK

He also sold less that 20,000 copies of the book Dangerous in the US, despite branding the figures as 'fake news' 

Clarisse Loughrey
Friday 14 July 2017 09:21 BST
Milo Yiannopoulos has filed a $10 million legal complaint against Simon & Schuster following the publisher's decision to cancel his book deal
Milo Yiannopoulos has filed a $10 million legal complaint against Simon & Schuster following the publisher's decision to cancel his book deal (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Milo Yiannopoulos' book Dangerous has proved an embarrassingly timid competitor on the book sales market.

According to Nielsen Bookscan, which monitors sales through almost all outlets, including Amazon, the right-wing media personality has only managed to sell 18,268 copies in the US and 152 in the UK since its launch on 4 July.

Ebook sales are excluded from Nielsen Bookscan, but Andre Breedt, managing director of Nielsen Book Research has clarified: "As our sales include Amazon sales it is unlikely to be higher".

Yet, Yiannopoulos' PR team (via The Guardian) claims that the book has sold 100,000 copies, including pre-orders, through Amazon alone on the day of the book's launch.

"By now, you may have heard reports claiming we only sold 18,000 copies of Dangerous and that our 100,000 copies claim is exaggerated. I’m happy to report that this is fake news," Yiannopoulos' released in a statement, claiming the higher count was not of retail sales, but included copies sent to wholesale sellers.

"It’s true that the major booksellers only managed to ship out 18,000 copies to retail customers by the list cutoff. But that’s because they didn’t order enough ahead of time, and have been scrambling to play catchup ever since. The real news is that we’ve received wholesale orders and direct orders of such magnitude that our entire stock of 105,000 books is already accounted for."

Milo Yiannopoulos' worst quotes before his book deal and conference appearance were cancelled

What Yiannopoulos appears not to have realised, however, is that Nielsen does not count books sent to wholesalers as it's usual practice for them to return unsold copies to the publisher. Therefore, it's pointless including wholesale sales without knowing how many of those books will be returned unsold down the line.

Dangerous did manage to reach No. 1 on the Amazon nonfiction charts on the day of its release, but had dropped to No. 5 in the nonfiction charts and No. 52 overall two days later. On Apple BookStore, the book entered at No. 20 and has since dropped to No. 100.

Yiannopoulos is now suing former book publishers Simons & Schuster, who dropped their deal to release Dangerous amid controversy over a video clip in which he appeared to defend sexual relationships between men and boys as young as 13, though he claims the clip had been "selectively edited" and denies supporting paedophilia. He self-published the book instead.

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