Album: Eric Whitacre, Light & Gold (Decca)

Andy Gill
Sunday 23 October 2011 07:14

Composer/choirmaster Eric Whitacre has become a million-hit YouTube sensation thanks to his Virtual Choir, in which 185 online singers' individual parts were edited together to form a single performance of Lux Aurumque, the aptly glowing, shimmering piece that, performed by the Eric Whitacre Singers, opens this album.

It's followed by Five Hebrew Love Songs, ranging in mood from the jaunty, tambourine-driven "Kala Kalla" to the wistful "Larov", and other pieces, culminating in Nox Aurumque, the nocturnal counterpart to the title-track. It's an engaging and populist, if not overly challenging, programme that presents Whitacre as perhaps the American equivalent of Karl Jenkins.

DOWNLOAD THIS Lux Aurumque; The Seal Lullaby; The Stolen Child

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