Album: Roger Woodward, Debussy: Preludes, Books 1&2 (Celestial Harmonies)

Andy Gill
Friday 26 March 2010 01:00

In this masterful series of Debussy's Preludes, pianist Roger Woodward perfectly evokes the composer's intuitive musical spirit, and his inimitable sense of quiet, measured exploration.

His interpretation of "Voiles", for instance, embodies the Satie-esque poise and mystery which got Debussy compared to the Impressionists. Woodward's greatest asset here is his restraint: even the direction animé, as for "Le Vent Dans La Plaine", produces just enough of a breeze to ripple one's interest, rather than the gusts of less sensitive hands; imagine the profondément calme with which he realises "La Cathédrale Engloutie". A matchless recording.

Download this: Voiles; Le Vent Dans La Plaine; La Cathédrale Engloutie; Ondine; Brouillards

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