Rik Mayall death anniversary: Funniest moments from Blackadder to The Young Ones

Who could forget Mayall's grand entrance as Lord Flashheart or 'that' University Challenge scene?

Jess Denham@jess_denham
Tuesday 09 June 2015 09:07
Rik Mayall  stars in 'The Young Ones', 1981
Rik Mayall stars in 'The Young Ones', 1981

English comedian and actor Rik Mayall died of a heart attack on 9 June last year aged just 56, sparking an outpouring of tributes from fans of his classic scenes.

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The star of The Young Ones made a name for himself after appearing in TV comedies such as Blackadder, The New Statesman and Bottom. He was also known for his long-time professional partnership with Ade Edmondson.

David Walliams was one of the first to pay tribute to Mayall at the time. "I am heartbroken that my comedy idol growing up Rik Mayall has died," he wrote on Twitter, before sharing a clip of the actor as Lord Flashheart (see below).

As the comedy industry remembers one of their most-loved actors one year on from his untimely death, we take a look back at some of Mayall's funniest moments:

1) Woof! Mayall’s grand entrance as Edmund’s best man Lord Flashheart in 1989’s Blackadder Goes Forth is one of the all-time best...

2) ... while the Flying Corps hero's flying visit to regale George and Baldrick with tales of derring-do in the dugout still steals laughs years on.

3) Mayall starred as the pompous wannabe anarchist Rick in hit Eighties sitcom The Young Ones. Here he is reciting his 'memorable' poem in ode to Cliff Richard from the very first episode, 'Demolition'.

4) More from The Young Ones next. Many fans will remember the University Challenge scene in which Rick appears as 'Prick' and Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie , Ben Elton and Emma Thompson also star.

5) Mayall's hilarious response to a fan requesting an autograph in June 2008 has to be one of the best take-downs ever.

6) Some of Mayall's best quotes came as fictional MP Alan B'stard in satirical sitcomThe New Statesman: "You know the really great thing about a fudged Coalition is that neither of us need to carry out a single promise of our election manifestos!"

7) Mayall starred as Richard 'Richie' Richard in Bottom, the slapstick comedy he created with Edmondson in the early Nineties. Here he is realising he is "different from the other people".

8) His latest role as Dad in last year's Man Down sees Mayall enter into a mammoth ball game with ridiculous and disastrous consequences. Poor Mr Mimples...

9) Mayall starred in the title role as a young girl's mischievous imaginary friend in 1991 cult fantasy film Drop Dead Fred. Here is one of the movie's more famous scenes:

10) Just in case you haven't had your fill, here's an entertaining montage of 15 more great Rik Mayall moments:

(This article was originally published on 9 June 2014)

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