Kathy Griffin says row over Trump beheading photo was 'faux-outrage'

The actress and comedian began facing backlash last May

Ilana Kaplan
Tuesday 03 April 2018 15:56 BST
Kathy Griffin apologises for photo shoot with bloodied Trump mask

Kathy Griffin has called the fallout from her Trump beheading photo "faux-outrage."

The actress-comedian's life drastically changed last May when the photo - featuring her holding the bloody head of President Trump - came out.

"I really never thought that photo would take off at all," she said of the incident to the Associated Press. "Like I've been doing 'shocking' things my whole career."

Griffin "lost income, received death threats, was denounced by Trump, landed on an Interpol criminal list and was afraid to leave her home."

For two months, she was even under investigation by the Department of Justice. "It shouldn't happen to an American citizen," she said.

Griffin maintained that the photo was protected speech. "If there's one amendment I'm familiar with it's the First Amendment," she added. "I know it back and forth and it's how I make my living."

The Suddenly Susan and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List star admits her rash apology video and "disastrous" press conference alongside attorney Lisa Bloom where she called Trump a "bully" made the situation worse.

"My social media was so flooded that I really thought, 'OK, I am the most reviled person in the world right now,'" she said. "It's been a long time to sort of process that and figure out what's real and what isn't."

She continued: "I really do believe if it happened to me it can happen to you."

While colleagues like Anderson Cooper distanced themselves from Griffin, one particular celebrity - Jim Carrey - reached out to her.

"It was really meaningful to me that he called," she said. "Jim's advice was right on, which is, 'Lean into this topic and you'll find the comedy.' And luckily I found a lot of comedy while hibernating."

During the photo fiasco, Griffin was unable to tour the US, so she went overseas.

But this summer, she's plotted a tour in Mexico, Canada and the US, aptly called " The Laugh Your Head Off World Tour."

"I'm trying to sort of get people to forgive me and get people to come back to me or give me a chance. And it's interesting. It's really like I'm starting all over again," she said.

This stateside tour is a start.

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