Dance: Event Of The Week - Elbow Room

Nadine Meisner
Friday 02 April 1999 23:02

Elbow Room Tue to 10 Apr

The Place, London WC1

The next Poet Laureate? Cult artist John Hegley dances with words and sometimes with his body: a combination unmatched by either Ted Hughes or Rudolf Nureyev. Consolidating his status as honorary member of the dance profession, he orchestrates Elbow Room, five nights of cabaret-style shows in which he recites his wonderful, funny poetry and leads an eclectic bunch, including the dancer-comedienne Wendy Houstoun. For the final performance, a late-night benefit in aid of The Place's rebuilding fund, Hegley is joined by the all-male dance group The Featherstonehaughs.

Elbow Room, The Place Theatre, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1 (0171-387 0031) Tue to Fri 8pm, Sat 10 April 7pm and 10pm

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