Leonardo DiCaprio: 10 best films, ranked

As the first photo from DiCaprio's new Martin Scorsese collaboration is released, we look back at the actor's 10 best feature films

Jacob Stolworthy@Jacob_Stol
Tuesday 11 May 2021 14:42
The Wolf Of Wall Street trailer

It's not hyperbole to say Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the finest actors of our generation.

The American star made his film debut in 1993 (for pub quiz aficionados, in Critters 3) and enjoyed a variety of roles (This Boy's Life, The Basketball Diaries) in the following years. If Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet (1996)made him a teen pin-up, his brooding face Blu-Tacked to teenagers’ bedroom walls across America, it was his lead role opposite Kate Winslet in Titanic that made him a global household name.

He's remained a box office titan ever since. From Sam Mendes and Christopher Nolan to Quentin Tarantino and Alejandro González Iñárritu, DiCaprio has worked with the best directors in the business. However, it's his working relationship with Martin Scorsese that has defined DiCaprio's career.

Having collaborated on five films, the pair currently have two projects in the works, one of which, The Devil in the White City, will see DiCaprio return to television for the first time since the early Nineties (not including his 2008 factual environmental drama Greensburg). The other project, meanwhile, is Killers of the Flower Moon, a film adaptation of David Grann's non-fiction book investigating a series of murders of wealthy Osage people in Oklahoma in the early 1920s. It will be released next year – and you can find the first photo here.

Scroll through the below gallery to find our compilation of Leonardo DiCaprio's 10 best films.

The Devil in the White City and Killers of the Flower Moon are expected to land in 2022.

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