Second World War film quiz

Set by John Walsh

Wednesday 07 January 2009 01:00 GMT

1) In which 1967 film are some reprieved Death Row prisoners trained as a crack fighting unit and sent on a suicide mission into occupied France?

2) In which 1942 film, set in North Africa, do French patriots sing Le Marseillaise in an American bar to drown out a German marching song?

3) In which 1997 comedy film does an Italian father in a concentration camp persuade his son that the ghastly events around him are part of a game?

4) Which patriotic 1949 John Wayne movie follows the training of US recruits to capture a strategic Pacific island?

5) In which 1961 film does a commando team scale a Turkish cliff to sabotage two massive artillery pieces commanding the Aegean?

6) Which 1976 thriller, starring Michael Caine, concerns a plot to kill Churchill by flying German paratroopers, dressed as Poles, into Norfolk?

7) Which Oscar-winning 1998 movie begins with a gruelling 25-minute sequence of soldiers being mown down on Omaha Beach?

8) Which 1953 movie, set in Hawaii before Pearl Harbour, portrays a passionate affair between Sergeant Warden and the neglected wife of his superior, Captain Holmes?

9) Which 1946 Hollywood movie follows the progress of three soldiers returning from war – one of them played by a real-life amputee?

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10) In which 1987 French film, directed by Louis Malle, does a schoolboy discover that his friend Jean has been concealing his Jewish identity?

11) Which Rogers & Hammerstein musical features actual battle footage of WW2?

12) In which Ernest Lubitsch comedy of 1942 are the Nazis in occupied Warsaw out-smarted by a Polish theatre troupe?

13) What’s the English title of the Oscar-nominated, 2004 German film about the last 12 days of Adolf Hitler in his bunker?

14) Which Billy Wilder film won William Holden an Oscar for playing a suspected collaborator in a concentration camp?

15) Which 1954 film, with a score by Eric Coates, featured an eccentric inventor and a famous raid by 617 Squadron?

16) Which much-televised 1963 movie features Donald Pleasance as “The Forger,” James Garner as “The Scrounger” and Steve McQueen as “The Cooler King”?

17) In which 1973 Italian movie did a former SS officer and one of his child concentration-camp inmates re-kindle their sexual relationship?

18) In which movie would you hear the bracing advice: “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country”?

19) In which film does Hermann Goering ask a top-ranking Luftwaffe brass, “Tell me what you need” to be told, “Herr Reichmarschal, give me a squadron of Spitfires”?

20) In which 1970 film, based on a classic novel, does Orson Welles, as General Dreedle, face the problem of where to pin a medal on a naked man?

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