13 Going on 30 stars Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner reunite and snack on Razzles

Actors star together in new movie ‘The Adam Project’

Ellie Harrison
Saturday 12 March 2022 16:18 GMT
The Adam Project (Trailer 2)

Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner have reunited 18 years after they starred together in time-travelling film 13 Going on 30.

The two actors are both starring in Ryan Reynolds’ new Netflix film, The Adam Project, which also has a time travel theme.

It sees Reynolds’s character go back in time and team up with his younger self to save the world. Ruffalo and Garner play his parents.

As promotion for The Adam Project, Ruffalo and Garner shot a skit in which they talk about playing Jenna and Matt all those years ago and share a packet of Razzles – the sweets their characters loved in 13 Going on 30.

“Can’t believe it’s been 18 years, it feels like it was yesterday...,” Ruffalo wrote, sharing the video on Instagram.

“Maybe the time travel in #TheAdamProject really happened.”

The Adam Project is out now on Netflix. Read The Independent’s two-star review here, in which Clarisse Loughrey writes: “Ruffalo’s flustered scientist feels like generic brand Bruce Banner. The action looks slick, but could easily have been copied and pasted from the latest superhero flick.

“And why did the budget seem to run out at exactly the point they had to apply de-ageing technology for Catherine Keener’s younger self, so that it looks like it was done on one of those iPhone apps?

“The special effects were a problem with Red Notice, too. Do they think that, on a smaller screen, people just won’t spot it? Or that they’re too busy looking at their phones to care?”

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