Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams discuss the pressure to be opinionated in 2016 in round table

‘I don't want to be a headline anymore about pay equality’

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 22 November 2016 10:38

In an age where having a lot of followers can land you a role, it’s kind of expected of actors to be vocal about politics and have an opinion on the trending talking point of the day.

Many probably don’t wish to, though, especially when the question they’ve been asked would be better directed at someone else.

Seven major actresses touched upon this when they sat down for a Hollywood Reporter round table interview this week.

During a discussion on pay equality, Arrival star Amy Adams said: “Who you should be asking is the Producer Roundtable: "Do you think minorities are underrepresented? Do you think women are underpaid?"

“We are always put on the chopping block to put our opinion out there, and that question is never asked. I'm like, "Why don't you ask them and then have their statements be the headlines in the press?" I don't want to be a headline anymore about pay equality.”





Taraji P. Henson responded that she has a similar feeling when constantly asked about roles for African-Americans in Hollywood.

The actors also talked theatre vs. film, rape scenes and researching playing a crack addict, many of them in contention for this year's Oscars.

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