Why Anne Hathaway changed her mind about stopping for fan chats and selfies

'It's really not that hard to stand there and just say 'Thank you so much''

Christopher Hooton@christophhooton
Wednesday 12 April 2017 11:15

Being stopped by members of the public must be perpetually bizarre for the famous. Fans know everything about you but you know nothing about them, and how exactly are you supposed to respond to someone telling you they love you?

You can either quickly excuse yourself from stop & chats/selfies/autographs/hugs or you can indulge them, and Anne Hathaway has found herself employing both options at different times in her career.

Explaining her change of mindset on Marc Maron's WTF podcast this week, she said:

"I hope I wasn't a jerk to anybody, but in my head I was a jerk to people - a lot, for a period of time. And I just woke up one day and I just became so deeply flattered by it and saw it for what it is: it's just somebody giving you some of their energy in a nice way. And it's really not that hard to stand there and just say "Thank you so much," I mean - I don't know if it's motherhood or just growing up a little bit but people's time matters, you can do whatever you want with it and if you choose to give it to me, either by watching my movies or in this moment by telling me I make you feel good - holy shit, that's amazing!"

In a casual but candid chat, Maron and Hathaway also discussed relationships, being low down the list of choices for The Devil Wears Prada and her new film, Colossal. You can listen to it in full here.

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