Arrival: Absurdly well-hidden Easter egg discovered

Coordinates and a journal entry lead to fans speculating over film

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 17 August 2016 12:24 BST

As is the trend with trailers, fans have quickly began deciphering the secrets hidden within the latest clip of the Amy Adams-starring sci-fi film Arrival.

Since the trailer's release, a promotional website for the film has peaked conspiracy theorists' interest in the film; Why Are They Here plays an ominous recording of bizarre sounds that seemingly have no real meaning.

However, one internet user ran the recording through a spectrogram, revealing coordinates to certain places around the world, including Devon (UK), Hokkaido (Japan), and Montana (USA).

Once the recording finishes, the website asks you to input number - which forum goers worked out were the coordinates - leading to a dropbox link holding a journal entry in it, which you can read here.

Adams plays expert linguist Louise Banks, recruited by an elite team to investigate the eerie spacecraft which have suddenly descended across the globe.

It's Louise who becomes the key to communication with the beings and - with mankind poised on the edge of a global war - it is her who provides the one hope for her planet's survival.

Arrival hits UK cinemas 11 November.

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