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Avengers 4 trailer: Shot-by-shot breakdown of Endgame teaser reveals Hawkeye’s return and Shuri’s fate

How Ant-Man's return from the Quantum Realm could the key to saving the day

Clarisse Loughrey
Friday 07 December 2018 14:04
Avengers: Endgame - trailer

The long-awaited trailer for the fourth Avengers has been released, revealing the film’s official title: Avengers: Endgame.

It’s a brief teaser that seemingly plays its cards close to its chest, although there are some major revelations to be found, for those willing to put the clues together.

Most importantly, there’s a suggestion that there will, indeed, be a way to reverse “the snap” cause by Thanos, in which half of living beings in the universe ceased to exist.

There’s also the long-heralded return of a character who sat out Avengers: Infinity War for reasons previously unknown.

The trailer came accompanied with a message from directors Joe and Anthony Russo: “For those who have been here since the beginning. For those who have joined along the way. For the best fans in the Universe. This trailer is for you... “

Click through the gallery below to find out what we learned from the first trailer for Avengers: End Game.

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