Marvel hilariously sent up for calling Avengers: Infinity War 'most ambitious crossover event in history'

Twitter has responded accordingly to the grandstanding statement

Jacob Stolworthy
Wednesday 21 March 2018 10:35 GMT
Theatrical trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel's decision to brand forthcoming superhero mash-up Avengers: Infinity War "the most ambitious crossover event in history" has received quite the response on Twitter.

Millions of social media users have shunned such a statement by posting photos to their accounts of the past crossovers they believe to be far bigger than the on-screen union of what is expected to be more than 40 superheroes introduced over the past ten years.

While Infinity War may reign supreme thanks to sheer quantity, many aren't convinced it can match the scope of other crossovers to have occurred; we're talking about the time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles met the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, when Cadbury threw Ritz crackers into Dairy Milk or when Friends characters Rachel and Chandler appeared in a Microsoft Windows '95 video guide (yes, that happened).

You can see a selection of the hilariously tongue-in-cheek tweets below.

Avengers: Infinity War will see Thor collide with the Guardians of the Galaxy who will rub shoulders with characters including Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr) and Captain America (Chris Evans) for the first time.

As you well know by now, the sequel will serve as “the beginning of the end” of this particular phase of the MCU as Thanos hunt for the Infinity Stones (one of which is in Vision's head) switches up a gear, his rule over humanity inching ever closer to his grasp.

Earlier this week, directors Anthony and Joe Russo confirmed which two characters have the most screen time in the finished film while Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson went ahead and confirmed a huge timeline detail.

Thanos will be backed by the Black Order, a villainous group deemed more dangerous than their leader.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in cinemas on April 27.

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