The Batman: New ‘radically different’ footage gives first look at Andy Serkis as Alfred

Featurette was unveiled as part of Warner Bros’ CinemaCon presentation

Annabel Nugent
Wednesday 25 August 2021 11:29
Robert Pattinson pictured as Batman in Matt Reeves teaser

New footage of The Batman has given insiders a closer look at what to expect of the forthcoming Robert Pattinson film.

The featurette was unveiled as part of Warner Bros’ CinemaCon presentation. It showcased new footage from the film before running the same teaser trailer that was released at last year’s DC Fandome.

According to The Wrap, a publication that was in attendance at the event, the new footage begins with scenes of Gotham in chaos.

The clip depicts Batman fighting a number of goons awash in red light. Other action involves explosions, police officers and general mayhem.

Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is then seen walking through the city before “he rises”, after which Reeves is heard promising an “emotional Batman movie” like audiences have never seen before.

According to Screen Rant, Pattinson added that their take on the superhero will be “radically different” from all other iterations of the character.

Although Reeves confirmed that his forthcoming film is not an origin story for the caped crusader, the director said that it is inspired by the Batman: Year One comic arc by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, which chronicles the superhero in his early days.

Attendees also got a closer look at the fight between Pattinson’s Batman and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman that had been teased in the trailer last year, as well as a chance to see Andy Serkis in costume as Alfred Pennyworth for the first time. The Lord of the Rings actor donned a classic vest and had white hair.

Robert Pattinson on ‘The Batman’ set following his battle for coronavirus

The famous Batmobile also made an appearance in the featurette, seen to be emitting flames from its exhaust.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros has not released their CinemaCon presentation to the public.

A new trailer for The Batman is likely to debut at the DC FanDome event scheduled in October later this year.

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