Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice image teases yet another villain

He's likely to appear in Justice League as the big bad

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 26 January 2016 10:46 GMT

In case you hadn’t heard, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is fast approaching cinemas. Dozens of trailers, TV spots and promotional images have hit the internet over the past few months, revealing more and more about the film each time.

The latest image to have been released - featured in Empire Magazine - appears to hint at another mainstay DC villain appearing in the superhero flick. First, a little reminder of something we’ve already seen: the Parademons.

For anyone not caught up on every DC comic ever, these are the winged creatures that attacked Batman in the second trailer (around the two-minute mark).

What’s remarkable about this is that these guys are the minions of Darkseid, at the time leading many people to speculate that the villain may appear in the film.

Now, with the new image seen below, this has all but been officially confirmed.

That’s Batman, looking out over a destroyed city as part of a dream sequence. So where’s Darkseid? You see that Omega symbol burnt into the ground? That is the mark of the intergalactic supervillain.

It is unlikely he will appear as a main character in the film, but Darkseid could very well appear in a post-credit scene like Thanos did after The Avengers, setting him up as a villain for Justice League: Part One.

Earlier this month, a Toy set seemed to reveal yet another villain who may appear in the already jam-packed Batman v Superman.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on 25 March.

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