Batman v Superman R-Rated length: 'Ultimate' cut will be over 3 hours long

The Blue-ray release will come with 120 minutes of bonus features

Jack Shepherd
Thursday 28 April 2016 13:57

With Batman v Superman’s cinema run almost over, attention has turned to the promised R-Rated DVD and Blue-Ray release, set to feature numerous deleted scenes.

Many critics believed the original cinematic release felt somewhat rushed, with some story aspects not being explained properly (probably down to the original cut being over four hours long).

While the new cut won’t be quite that long, it does add an extra half hour of content, making the ‘Ultimate Cut’ just over three hours long.

According to, Batman v Superman’s R-Rater cut will be 181 minutes in length, with the Blue-ray release also featuring 120 minutes of undefined ‘bonus’ content.

It should be noted this is not official confirmation the R-Rated cut will be exactly half an hour longer than the theatrical run (which was 151 minutes long). The Independent has contacted Warner Bros. for confirmation but has yet to receive a reply.

Already, one deleted scene has made it online: Communion, featuring a villain many presume is teasing the villain Darkseid for Justice League.

In other DC related news, Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie recently said: ’I’m not wearing hot pants next time’.

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