Black Panther scores a record-breaking second weekend at the US box office

The movie has already grossed $704 million worldwide 

Jack Shepherd
Monday 26 February 2018 11:48 GMT
Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia (l) and Letitia Wright as Shuri (r) in Black Panther
Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia (l) and Letitia Wright as Shuri (r) in Black Panther (Disney)

Black Panther has been breaking records around the world, even outpacing the seismic Avengers at the box office. Unsurprisingly, then, the movie has had a monumentally successful second weekend, grossing $108 million at the US box office alone.

That makes Black Panther the second-biggest second weekend gross of all time unadjusted for inflation, topping Jurassic World’s $106.5 million but falling behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ $149 million. Adjusted for inflation, the Ryan-Coogler directed movie falls behind Jurassic World, as well as Avengers, and The Dark Knight.

Black Panther also scored another record for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, dropping just 46 per cent weekend-on-weekend. For comparison, Marvel’s Avengers dropped 50 per cent, and former record holder Thor fell 47 per cent. Superhero movies to have dropped less include last year’s Wonder Woman and the first Spider-Man — falling just 43 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively, according to Forbes.

With a total worldwide haul of $704 million, of which $400 million comes from the US, Black Panther should soon eclipse the $1 billion mark — box office analyst believing the blockbuster will surmount $900 million next weekend. Plus, the movie has not opened in Japan or China, two huge markets.

Whether Black Panther will stay the biggest film of 2018 remains to be seen: Avengers: Infinity War — which features Black Panther, along with fellow superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and a million others — is predicted to steal that title away.

Black Panther is playing in UK cinemas now, Infinity War reaches cinemas this May.

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