Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman surprised fans and the result is absolutely heart-warming

'My king! My king!'

Clarisse Loughrey
Thursday 01 March 2018 12:10 GMT
Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman surprises fans

Black Panther's immense cultural impact on audiences can't ever be underestimated.

As part of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host invited just a few of the film's passionate fans to discuss what exactly the film means to them, and their responses were moving: from having a "hero that we really need in a time like this", for helping to define the childhood of a young boy, to depicting strong black women on screen.

Asked to film a video message to star Chadwick Boseman, what these fans didn't quite realise is that T'Challa himself was hidden behind a curtain the whole time, watching on as they poured their hearts out.

Only for Boseman to step out from his hiding place with a small interjection: leading to some hilarious, some sweet reactions from the gobsmacked fans. One man even immediately greeted him with his arms over his chest, the traditional Wakandan greeting, and the pronouncement: "My king! My king!"

Another jokingly thanked Boseman for wearing the Black Panther suit for the majority of the film, because "when your chest was out, [my girlfriend] was getting a little excited, and I felt insecure, so thank you for that."

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