Borat 2: Every deleted scene from Sacha Baron Cohen’s sequel

Film is known for its controversial moments but some of the most surprising scenes didn’t make the final cut

Annabel Nugent
Monday 02 November 2020 11:17
Borat 2 Trailer

Since the Borat sequel aired last month, the film has caused a stir with a number of its headline-grabbing scenes.

Some of the movie’s most shocking moments, however, were revealed as outtakes in the wake of its release when Sacha Baron-Cohen and his co-stars shared a few scenes that surprisingly didn’t make the final cut.

1) Tutar sneaks into the White House

In a video released on Borat’s Twitter account, Baron-Cohen reveals how his co-star was taken “into the White House”' with “no need for security checks or Covid test”.

The short clip shows Maria Bakalova – who stars as the titular character’s daughter, Tutar – alongside One America News Network (OAN) correspondent Chanel Rion, entering what appears to be the White House press briefing room. The two also share an exchange outside the West Wing. 

The video then sees Tutar in a different outfit and hairstyle, clapping as Donald Trump addresses a crowd, none of whom are wearing masks. 

2) Borat makes a ridiculous request of babysitter Jeanise Jones

Jones won fans after her appearance in the sequel saw her recruited by Borat to babysit his daughter Tutar. Many viewers praised Jones as the movie’s “moral compass”.

Jones befriended Bakalova’s character Tutar after a misogynistic Borat enlists her help as a babysitter

In an interview with Variety, Jones revealed there was one moment that was scrapped from the finished movie.

She said: “I don’t know if this is in the movie or not, but he told me, ‘If she lays a golden egg, please, please can I have just a little bit? It’s worth so much money where I’m from.’ I told him, ‘If she lays a golden egg, man, you can have it. If she is going to lay a golden egg… you can have that egg.’”

3) Sacha Baron Cohen flees from an angry crowd

In the lead up to the film’s release, Baron Cohen revealed that there were some moments during filming that were so dangerous the actor had to wear a bulletproof vest. One such stunt (which is featured in the movie) saw the comedian assume the persona of “Country Steve” to perform a racist song at a “March for Our Rights” rally.

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In a brief outtake shared to his Twitter account, the actor offered fans an extended look at what happened after the performance, when some members of the audience stormed the stage. The video sees a fearful Baron-Cohen fleeing the crowd and locking himself in an ambulance.

4) Judith Dim Evans’s Holocaust testimony

Following the movie’s release, viewers have heaped praise upon late Holocaust survivor Evans, who featured in one of Borat 2’s most controversial stunts, which saw Baron-Cohen enter a synagogue dressed in antisemitic clothing.

Baron Cohen dedicated ‘Borat 2’ in Evans’s memory

The scene in question sees Borat approach Evans, who listens as he tells her that he read a post on Facebook claiming the Holocaust never happened. Evans then politely educates Borat while highlighting her personal experience.

In an outtake shared exclusively with Deadline, Evans is seen sharing an emotional testimonial about her family’s experience with the Holocaust to Baron Cohen’s anti-semite character. You can watch the clip here.

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