Captain Marvel: Brie Larson confirmed for studio's first female solo film

The actress had been long-rumoured for the role of Carol Danvers, the ace test pilot who gains powers from alien DNA

Clarisse Loughrey
Sunday 24 July 2016 09:52 BST
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Critics also blasted the romantic comedy musical film for its portrayal of Indian food as overly spicy (Getty Images)

Comic-Con's Hall H is a sacred place of surprises and revelations, with Marvel holding onto one of the best of the entire weekend.

Gathering all the current casts of its upcoming movies for a family selfie, Kevin Feige teased the audience by stating that no family portrait would be complete without introducing the newest member to the Marvel gang; before bringing to stage one Brie Larson, now confirmed in the role of Captain Marvel.

This year's Oscar-winner for Best Actress, Larson has been rumoured in the role for a while; but, like the recent confirmation of young Han Solo, it's still deeply comforting for fans to know they are definitely getting all their Disney dreams come true.

Because, what a pick Larson is, having lit up screens with an absolutely magnetic, honest performance in last year's Room; and having already tackled the comic book genre in Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. There's no doubt she'll shine in the role of Carol Danvers, the talented test pilot who gains powers after becoming exposed to alien DNA.

Those powers include super-strength, the ability to fly, and an energy pulse she can shoot from her hands. The actress also took to Twitter to confirm the news.

The script is currently being written by Nicole Perlman and Inside/Out's Meg LeFauve; a director is yet to be attached, though Marvel is apparently keen for a female director, with The Babadook's Jennifer Kent and Whale Rider's Niki Caro already rumoured to be in the running.

However, there's a strong chance Captain Marvel may first turn up in a previous Marvel outing; with the character likely to make her debut in the upcoming Avengers 3 before embarking on a solo adventure, much like the studio did with Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Larson's secrecy around the role at least had a good cover for Comic-Con, with the actress already attending the event to promote Warner Bros.' own Kong; Skull Island, which saw a first trailer drop during its gargantuan panel.

Captain Marvel is set for a 2019 release.

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