Daniel Day-Lewis reveals which film performance inspired him to act

The actor was speaking at a screening of new film Phantom Thread at the V&A Museum

Jacob Stolworthy
Sunday 28 January 2018 15:25 GMT
Phantom Thread - Trailer

Daniel Day-Lewis has revealed which film inspired him to act.

The Independent watch on as the three-time Oscar-winner - deemed by many to be one of the best working actors today - spoke at London's V&A Museum following a screening of new drama Phantom Thread where he was asked if there have been any film roles he wishes he could have played.

Day-Lewis, who attended the event with director Paul Thomas Anderson and co-star Vicky Krieps - said: “I don’t think so,” before adding: “There have been performances certainly when I was starting out and discovering films, performances that filled me to the point of bursting with the desire to try to do something, but that’s always an element of believing it's impossible that person can do that.

"While I never have that feeling of 'I wish I'd done that,' more 'how the hell is that possible? I hope one day I can attempt something that has that quality'.”

After insisting there is no one role he desires to have played, Day-Lewis instead spoke passionately about the one film which filled him with inspiration to become an actor.

“Just a few days ago, I had a mate staying with me in Ireland, and we rummaged through some films I have and he said, 'When’s the last time you saw Kes?' Well, I've probably seen that film a dozen times, but when I first saw it - I was 12 - that film was probably one of the extraordinary films to have affected me more than anything in my life, and still does in the same way even though I've seen it many times.

"I think that's one of the greatest seen performances I've ever seen, David Bradley's - it’s so beautiful and heartbreaking. [Director] Ken Loach is really a shining light in this country. Kes was like a light going on.”

Released in 1969, classic British film Kes follows a young, English working-class boy who spends his free time caring for and training his pet falcon.

Day-Lewis stars in Phantom Thread as Reynolds Woodcock, a dressmaker who falls in love with a young waitress (Krieps) whose relationship oscillates between affectionate and distant over time.

It is said to be the actor's final film role.

Phantom Thread will be released on 2 February

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