Christopher Robin: Winnie The Pooh visits his old friend as an adult in first film trailer

The first teaser for the Disney film is out

Ilana Kaplan
Tuesday 06 March 2018 21:38
Christopher Robin - trailer

Christopher Robin is reunited with his old friend Winnie The Pooh in the first trailer for Disney's live-action Christopher Robin.

The film - which takes place in the 1940s - stars Ewan McGregor as Robin and shows two of the most beloved friends in literature together again.

This time, however, Robin has grown up and hasn't seen his bear in a long time.

In the movie, Robin has returned to London from World War II, working at a company that sells luggage and living with his wife (Hayley Atwell) and daughter.

As an adult, he finds himself in a moral dilemma: his power-hungry boss pressures him to forego a weekend trip with his wife and daughter to lay off 20 per cent of employees at his workplace.

Robin heads to a park to think about his current situation and ponders, "What to do? What to do?"

Suddenly, his old friend Pooh (voiced by longtime actor Jim Cummings) appears exclaiming, "Christopher Robin!"

Robin who is visibly distressed about his situation confesses, "I've cracked."

Pooh quips, "I don't see any cracks ... maybe a few wrinkles."

While previous Pooh stories have taken place in the Hundred Acre Wood, the screenplay - written by Alex Ross Perry and Allison Schroeder - brings their friendship into the real world.

Christopher Robin isn't to be confused with last year's Goodbye Christopher Robin, which focused on the life of Pooh writer AA Milne.

While the initial trailer just shows Robin and Pooh meeting again, all the Hundred Acre Wood friends will also appear in the movie: Tigger (voiced by Chris O’Dowd), Eeyore (Brad Garrett), Owl (Toby Jones), Piglet (Nick Mohammed), Rabbit (Peter Capaldi), and Kanga (Sophie Okonedo).

It seems after all this time, Robin and Pooh still have a connection that can't be broken.

Christopher Robin is slated to hit theatres on August 3.

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