Disneyland is making Toy Story's Pizza Planet a reality

Exciting news for 'Toy Story' fans

Ilana Kaplan
Wednesday 28 March 2018 16:30 BST
Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Disney is bringing Toy Story's Pizza Planet to life.

According to Eater, the entertainment company is creating a new pizza restaurant in the Tomorrowland area of its theme parks, and it's slated to look identical to Pizza Planet from Toy Story.

For those who aren't familiar with Pizza Planet, it's the cool, galactic restaurant Buzz Lightyear and Woody Pride go to in the film.

When they arrive, they find three aliens that believe "The Claw" in the machine will save them, but instead a child plays with them for a short time and leaves them behind.

While the restaurant won't be called "Pizza Planet" exactly, it will be named "Alien's Pizza Planet - A Better Place,"

The Saturn-shaped Pizza Planet that features a giant rocket and launchpad is frequented by Andy and his family in the film.

Initially in the movie, Pizza Planet was supposed to be a pitch-and-putt venue, but creators ended up making it into a storyline for Buzz to find his way home through the planetary restaurant.

Because of this storyline, Buzz, Woody and an alien end up being "saved" by "The Claw" and ending up in the hands of the truly terrible kid Sid Phillips.

Disney hasn't announced when the restaurant will come to life, but Wow News reported it would be "shortly."

The restaurant is set to be temporary at first, but the allure of the Toy Story franchise might make it a permanent location.

Hopefully you'll be able to nab some dough balls and pizza sans pineapple at the real-life Pizza Planet.

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