Netflix users clear up confusion surrounding number one movie Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

The version on Netflix has a lot of changes

Jacob Stolworthy
Tuesday 09 May 2023 15:01 BST
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions trailer

Netflix users are clearing up any confusion surrounding its latest chart-topping movie.

Earlier this month, the service acquired the rights to stream psychological horror Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

The film, which was released in July 2021, is a follow-up to 2019’s Escape Room. It came out in cinemas after several delays caused by the pandemic.

However, months later, an extended cut was released, switching up the film in a major way and featuring a completely different opening and ending compared to what was seen in cinemas.

The extended version is so different to the theatrical cut that it completely edited out Daredevil star Deborah Ann Woll’s character and added in new ones played by Isabelle Fuhrman and James Frain.

Some viewers who were re-watching the film were left confused after realising there were two versions of the film. The one on Netflix is the theatrical version and not the extended cut, which was previously released on Sky.

“Just watched Escape Room: Tournament of Champions on Netflix & it’s a completely different version to the film I’d previously seen,” one viewer wrote, adding: “This is wild. The one I saw had a brutal cold open, James Frain & a completely different games master. What’s going on?”

However, others were happy to realise it was the version they were yet to see.

“Glad to see the cut of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions on Netflix is the different version from the one I watched on Sky months ago so I can complete the experience,” another user shared.

Isabelle Fuhrman is not in the version of ‘Escape Room 2’ currently on Netflix (Sony Pictures Releasing )

“Netflix have released Escape Room (the new one) and it’s the actual cinema version I’m SO HAPPY,” an additional viewer tweeted.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is available to stream on Netflix now.

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