#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend: Twitter really thinks Marvel and Disney should give Captain America a boyfriend


Jack Shepherd@JackJShepherd
Tuesday 24 May 2016 11:13

Just hours after Idina Menzel gave her support to the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign, a new hashtag started trending on Twitter: #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend.

The former tag was spread in the hope Disney would ‘let it go’ and give the Frozen character Elsa a same-sex partner in any future sequels. Marvel fans are also hoping The Mouse will give one of their favourite characters, Captain America, a male partner.

Throughout his on-screen adventures, Steve Rodgers has had two female partners of note: Peggy Carter in The First Avenger and Sharon Carter (Peggy’s niece) in Civil War.

Unfortunately for him, Peggy - arguably one of the best characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - passed away, and his relationship with Sharon is pretty awful.

However, there is one partnership that makes a whole lot of sense: Steve Rodgers and Bucky Barnes. Both have risked their lives for each other, having continually been more than best friends - something many fans have picked up on.

It’s not just the Bucky/Steve relationship being floated around. Some have posited that Cap should go off with Iron Man, the two obviously sharing a friendship despite almost killing each other in Civil War.

There is a huge demand for a LGBT character in a Disney’s films. Recently, a shocking GLAAD report found that Disney failed to include a single LGBT character in its major 2015 movies, including those from its Lucasfilm and Marvel branches.

Cap and Bucky’s relationship isn’t the only same-sex romance recently picked up on in Disney’s films either: many fans have been hoping Star Wars characters Finn and Poe would end up together. Unfortunately, John Boyega revealed their relationship was merely a bromance rather than romance.

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