It would cost $900bn of real money to rescue Matt Damon in all his movies

Mars missions and Earth evacuations don't come cheap

Jess Denham
Tuesday 29 December 2015 10:19 GMT
It would have cost $200 billion to bring Matt Damon back from Mars in The Martian
It would have cost $200 billion to bring Matt Damon back from Mars in The Martian

Matt Damon might be an actor in fictional Hollywood movies but were his characters real, it would have cost a ridiculous sum of money to rescue them from all the remote places they end up in.

From the Mars mission in The Martian to the Earth evacuation in Titan A.E, Quora user Kynan Eng has calculated that more than $900 billion has already been spent “attempting to bring Matt Damon back” from “extended business trips”.

Here is his estimated breakdown using 2015 currency:

Courage Under Fire, Gulf War I helicopter rescue - $300K

Saving Private Ryan, World War II Europe search party - $100K

Titan A.E, Earth evacuation spaceship - $200m

Syriana, Middle East private security return flight - $50K

Green Zone, US Army transport from Middle East - $50K

Elysium, space station security deployment and damages - $100m

Interstellar, Interstellar spaceship - $500bn

The Martian, Mars mission - $200bn

The total budget for the above movies was $729 million, just 0.1 per cent of the “real” cost of actually sending Damon on the trips. The Bourne movies are not included because Damon “does lots of travel at his own expense” and the people looking for him don’t seem to be very concerned about his safety”.

Here’s hoping 2016 will see Damon keep his feet firmly on the ground, doing something like talking about the meaning of life with Robin Williams on a bench, rather than costing humanity nearly a trillion dollars.

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