Joss Whedon hints at return to Marvel - if he directs a female-led superhero film

Whilst also discussing his new screenplay centered on, 'a girl who goes through some unbelievable sh*t'

Clarisse Loughrey
Wednesday 25 May 2016 11:07 BST

Though it appeared as if Joss Whedon had made final farewells to the MCU after the mixed reception to The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which he confessed made him feel like a "miserable failure", the presumed finality of that departure might not be entirely correct.

When asked by The Wrap whether he'd consider a return to Marvel to direct a female-drive Avengers franchise, Whedon surprisingly answered in the positive; "Yeah, of course. Although I tend more towards the Jessica Jones-ey kind of stories than the delightful Supergirl stories that my daughter wants."

However, one film that's officially off his radar is the upcoming Captain Marvel; though he's certainly glad the MCU will finally be getting a female-led superhero movie, and praised Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige's push for the project to be greenlit. "Kevin Feige fought a mighty fight to get her on the schedule. So it’s a start. You could say that should be a middle, but it’s a start," he commented, aiming at the Hollywood system as a whole as opposed to Marvel specifically.

For now, Whedon is currently working on a script that he teases is, "an original screenplay that is very different from everything I’ve ever done except for that it’s exactly the same. It is a story about a girl who goes through some unbelievable sh*t, and that much is all I can say."

The director is hoping to complete work on the script in the next few months, "if I could just get a little more traction on that third-act issue. It’s the first time in my life I’m writing without a sort of studio audience rating — without a plan. I’m just writing about something I care about, so it’s a little terrifying and it’s taking a little longer. But I think it will be good!"

And, after that, what more agreeable choice would there be for Whedon than that long-needed Black Widow solo film?

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