Jurassic World tops 2015 movie mistakes list after Chris Pratt talks without his mouth moving

Terminator Genisys and Mad Max: Fury Road also came under fire for errors

Jess Denham
Wednesday 16 September 2015 14:11 BST
Chris Pratt in top-grossing blockbuster Jurassic World
Chris Pratt in top-grossing blockbuster Jurassic World

It might be the box office smash of the year, but Jurassic World has topped a list of the most movie mistakes for 2015 so far.

The blockbuster sequel featured a scene in which lead actor Chris Pratt talks to co-star Bryce Dallas Howard without his mouth moving and another in which a phone's broken screen suddenly appears fixed.

Most notably, and listed as a "factual error" on the Movie Mistakes website, is Dallas Howard's apparent ability to survive a dinosaur attack and the sprinting it involves wearing 4-inch high heels.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World

Nineteen mistakes are listed for Jurassic World (below), with others including a crew member being reflected in a vehicle, random hairstyle changes, four members of a paramilitary team having identical heart rates and the boys' unbelievable ability to restart a clearly kaput jeep.

Terminator Genisys and Mad Max: Fury Road follow Jurassic World with ten and eight mistakes each, while Ant-Man, Tomorrowland and Minions also have some obvious flaws.

Fortunately for Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, he can seek solace in the fact that Steven Spielberg's 1993 original, Jurassic Park, has racked up a huge 156 errors.

But the most mistakes ever? Apocalypse Now, with 561. Ouch.

All Jurassic World mistakes

Continuity mistake: Just before the Indominus Rex ambush, in one shot the Asset Containment Unit trooper Meyers is equipped with a taser-rifle. In the next, she's equipped with a cattle prod. This happens at least 4 times.

Revealing mistake: When the two boys crawl out of the water onto the dirt bank after jumping from the cliff to escape the Indominus Rex, the ground beneath them moves as if there is some sort of carpet beneath the muddy ground.

Continuity mistake: The restricted zone where the original Jurassic Park was is to the north. After Indominus chases the kids to the waterfall, it is said in the control room that the huge dino is moving south to the crowds waiting for rides to reopen in the downtown section, drawn by the heat signatures of the gathered masses. A few scenes later, Indominus is up north again terrorizing the kids at the Jurassic Park jeep port.

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Factual error: It is a physical impossibility for a woman (or anyone else) to sprint cross-country and engage in all manner of strenuous, panic-driven activity while wearing 4-inch high heels. but after scrambling for her life from I-Rex, velociraptors and pterodactyls for a full 40 minutes of screen time, Claire is still wearing 4-inch high heels when she releases the T-Rex.

Plot hole: Even if boys of that age had the technical know-how to quickly repair Jeeps over 20 years old (seriously?), any gasoline in the tank would have long become unusable, the tires and lines would have rotted away, and the electrics would all be dead. Now if it was in the desert or a dry garage, it may have survived, but it's on a tropical island, in a shed that has all sorts of holes in the roof, leaving it exposed to every kind of weather the island could throw at it.

Revealing mistake: Inside Jurassic World's main control room, Chris Pratt looks at a view screen depicting a paramilitary team tracking down the escaped I-Rex. In an homage to the film Aliens, the screen is complete with POV cam footage and heart rate monitors. Unfortunately, the FX team didn't catch the fact that all four people are shown having identical heart rates. Ridley Scott made the same mistake in Prometheus.

Continuity mistake: When the brothers exit the lake they dove in, their wet hair styles change in every single angle, at least 5 times in 3 seconds.

Continuity mistake: When Owen is facing the three raptors on the street, he puts his rifle down on the ground, the shot changes to behind him and he is holding the rifle in his right hand again.

Revealing mistake: When Owen rescues a worker from the raptor paddock, having three raptors in front of him, the shadows of Owen and the raptors are in different directions.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Hoskins first approaches the raptor cage, his watch shows approximately 2pm. After the rescue of the staff member who falls into the pit, the shot cuts back again to Hoskins and his watch shows 1pm.

Visible crew/equipment: In the back of the vet vehicle, when Gray holds out his hand, a crew member is reflected in the sliver air tank on the right.

Continuity mistake: Claire finds the cell phone with the broken screen, picks it up, and when she's about to put it down, the screen is fixed.

Audio problem: When they are standing at the top of the waterfall Owen talks to Clare from behind and his mouth isn't moving.

Continuity mistake: When the guy scrambles out of the raptor paddock the distance between him and the fence behind him varies between shots from close to far away.

Continuity mistake: After the Avians terrorize the center of the theme park there are dead animals everywhere, broken windows... Fast forward in the movie time just a few hours later and the main street looks brand new.

Factual error: In the airport scene, this is not Dane County Airport as shown, as they do not use letters for their gates (A, B and C shown). They use numbers (1-13) instead.

Factual error: A handler falls a good distance into the raptor paddock and lands on his back, but gets up as if nothing has happened.

Continuity mistake: After Claire shoots the Dimorphodon the sun changes between shots.

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