Lindsay Lohan wants to make Mean Girls 2 with Emma Stone

The 2004 film has its own Broadway musical set to premiere in October of this year

Clarisse Loughrey
Thursday 29 June 2017 11:01 BST

It's been over a decade since Mean Girls hit cinemas. An entire decade spent hoping and praying a sequel would finally arrive.

There's nothing in the pipeline yet, unless you count that horrible TV film made in 2011, though star Lindsay Lohan still seems eager to make something happen.

Indeed, it would actually be pretty perfect timing in one sense, considering an upcoming musical (written by Tina Fey herself) is set for a world premiere this October.

Lohan's birthday is right around the corner (2 July), so she took to Twitter and Instagram to make a couple of requests.

First off, she invited "#nicegirls" and old party pals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to Mykonos for her big bash, alongside Beyoncé - who might be a tad busy with the twins she just birthed.

Her second request was directed to Emma Stone, asking, "can we film a movie called Mean Girls 2 together? I think we would be friends. It would be #sofetch"; unfortunately, she's taken down the original Instagram post, but the evidence still remains on Twitter.

Maybe Lohan's Mean Girls character and Stone's Easy A character could join forces? Nothing's impossible.

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