Malignant: Viewers brand James Wan’s ‘terrifying’ and ‘wild’ horror movie ‘scariest film of the year’

Horror fans have raved about the film’s killer twist

Louis Chilton
Monday 13 September 2021 13:49

Viewers have been raving about Malignant, the new horror film from The Conjuring filmmaker James Wan.

The film, released in the UK last Friday (10 September), follows a woman (Annabelle Wallis) who begins to have visions of people getting murdered.

Malignant received mixed reviews from critics, and, judging by its Rotten Tomatoes score of 50 per cent, has split audiences right down the middle.

However, many of those that liked the film have been effusive in their praise, commending the movie’s “wild” ending and big left-field twist.

“Third act of Malignant is one of the raddest things I’ve seen on a big screen for a while,” wrote one Twitter user.

Malignant is hands down the scariest movie of the year,” wrote another.

Another person tweeted: “Horror film fans, James Wan has done it again with #Malignant. One of the scariest films I’ve seen this year, and there’s a killer twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.

“A classic freak fest that doesn’t waste your time, and stays with you long after the credits.”

Malignant is the most terrifying movie I’ve seen in a long f***ing time,” wrote another Twitter user. “I don’t think my heart has stopped pounding this whole time.”

The film is available to see in cinemas now, and is rated 18.

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