Matthew McConaughey says America is ‘going through puberty’ in Independence Day speech

‘Let’s admit that this last year, this trip around the sun, was another head-scratcher,’ actor says

Roisin O'Connor
Monday 05 July 2021 10:32
Matthew McConaughey says America is still 'going through puberty'
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Matthew McConaughey delivered an address to the nation in a speech posted as America celebrated Independence Day on 4 July.

The Oscar-winning actor shared his wishes for the US in the video posted to Twitter, as he called on people to put aside their individual needs to support “our collective responsibilities”.

“Happy Birthday America, yes indeed,” he began. “As we celebrate our independence today, as we celebrate our birth as a nation, the day that kick-started a revolution to gain our sovereignty, let’s admit that this last year, this trip around the sun, was another head-scratcher.”

The 51-year-old appeared to be referring to both the political and social upheaval that has affected America over the past year, including the ousting of Donald Trump from the White House, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let’s also remember that we’re babies as a country,” he continued. “We’re basically going through puberty in comparison to other countries’ timeline, and we’re going to go through growing pains. We are going through growing pains.”

He added: “This is not an excuse, this is just the reality, and this is good, because we got to keep learning, we got to keep maturing, we gotta keep striving, we gotta keep climbing, we gotta keep building. And we gotta make sure we maintain hope along the way, as we continue to evolve.

“Why? Because it’s who were are. Why? Because the alternative sucks.”

McConaughey also emphasised his belief that “we’re at a place where our individual pursuits and desires need to be appreciative and supportive of our collective responsibilities as Americans... hence the ‘United States of America’. Sure, we’re unique. We’re each independent. We each have innate abilities that others don’t have, as people and as states. But at the same time, we’re all in this together and if you don’t purchase that, move on. Go somewhere else.”

The Hollywood star concluded his message with: “Let’s rock, America. Happy Birthday, just keep livin’. I’ll see you there.”

In May, McConaughey clarified his suggestion that he might run for Governor of Texas, his home state, after refusing to rule it out in an interview the previous year.

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“It’s come up a lot lately,” he told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. “I’m gonna say to you now the same thing I’ve been saying, which is true. It’s not a doge. And when I say it’s something I’m giving consideration, absolutely.

“What an honourable thing to even be able to consider. But that’s no further than that right now, sir.”

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