Matthew McConaughey stamps out rumour he turned down Titanic role

‘Gossip over the years was that I had the role in Titanic and turned it down. Not factual,’ said actor

Ellie Harrison
Friday 19 February 2021 08:37
Titanic- trailer

Matthew McConaughey wants to set the record straight about his screen test to play Jack in Titanic.

It has previously been rumoured that the actor was offered the lead role opposite Kate Winslet, but after he turned it down it was given to Leonardo DiCaprio.

During an appearance on the podcast Literally! with Rob Lowe this week, McConaughey clarified what actually happened.

“So I went and read with Kate Winslet and it was not one of the auditions – they filmed it so it was like into screen test time,” he said. “After we left, you know, it was one of those ones where they followed me and when we got outside they were like, ‘That went great.’ I mean, kind of like hugs. I really thought it was going to happen. It did not.”

He added: “I asked [James] Cameron about this, because the gossip over the years that I heard and would see written about me was that I had the role in Titanic and turned it down. Not factual. I did not get offered that role.”

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McCounaughey joked: “For a while I was saying, ‘I gotta find that agent. They’re in trouble.’ I did not ever get the offer.”

Earlier this week, an alternative ending to Titanic went viral for being absolutely terrible.

The deleted scene, which is featured as an extra on a DVD version of the film first released in 2005, did the rounds on Twitter, with some saying it was so bad it looked like a parody.

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