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Megan Fox defends Transformers director Michael Bay against ‘cancel culture’

Fox previously came to Bay's defence in June to clarify the director never sexually harassed her

Annabel Nugent@annabelnugent
Tuesday 25 August 2020 15:02
Megan Fox talks about Michael Bay sexualising her as a teenager in resurfaced clip
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Megan Fox has spoken out in defence of Transformers director Michael Bay as fans continue calling for him to be “cancelled”.

Bay, 55, was criticised after a resurfaced video of a 2009 interview showed Megan Fox describing the director making her “dance underneath a waterfall” in a bikini for the film Bad Boys II when she was 15 years old.

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment on Tuesday (25 August), Fox said she was appreciative of the support from her fans but does not support “cancel culture”.

Cancel culture is the practice or rejecting, ignoring or publicly opposing someone’s views or actions in order to deprive them of time and attention.

Fox said of the controversy, “It’s not something I’ve been longing to speak out on. But I don’t agree with cancel culture, and I don’t want people to get ‘cancelled’ for something they didn’t do.”

She continued to clarify that “While some of my working relationships were very challenging, that one wasn’t one where I was sexually harassed or suffered so I felt like I needed to defend him and clarify that.”

“I have plenty of stories, but they don’t involve Michael,” she said.

The 34-year-old actor previously defended Bay in June this year, stating that she “was never assaulted or preyed upon” sexually by him.

Fox will appear in the forthcoming action movie Rogue on 28 August.

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