Mulan hailed as Disney’s ‘best live-action remake’ in first reactions

Cast, direction and battle sequences have all received high praise following film’s world premiere

Ellie Harrison
Tuesday 10 March 2020 13:09 GMT
Disney's Mulan trailer

The first reactions to Disney’s new live-action remake, Mulan, are in – and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Fans had previously voiced concerns about the new version which, unlike the 1998 animated original, is not a musical and does not feature popular characters Mushu and Li Shang.

However, fans and members of the press who were present at the movie’s world premiere on Monday night (9 March) have now shared their praise on Twitter, applauding the actors’ performances, Niki Caro’s direction and the battle sequences.

“I’ve seen Mulan twice now and I must say it is grrrreat,” wrote one Twitter user. “Easily Disney’s best live action reboot. I think it’s also Disney’s first battle epic? It is beautiful & absorbing & rich & empowering. The cast is excellent and Niki Caro’s direction is just breathtaking.”

“The cast of Mulan is fantastic in the film,” said another. “There are lots of little moments that nods to the animated that’ll make the fans happy. Very beautiful & epic cinematography. It had more fantastical elements than I expected. Overall, a great re-telling of the animated and very fun.”

A third added:Mulan is one of the best live-action adaptation of a Disney animated classic. It honours the 1998 film and the ballad by modernising themes of female empowerment and iconic scenes, while also standing out w/ great cinematography & battle sequences are reminiscent of Wuxia epics.”

The remake stars Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee and Jet Li, and just like the original film it follows a woman who disguises herself as a man to fight in China’s imperial army.

Mulan will arrive in UK cinemas on 27 March. Its release in China has been postponed amid coronavirus fears.

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