Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood: Never-before-seen footage of Tarantino film unveiled in novel trailer

Damon Herriman portrays Charles Manson in previously unseen clip

Clémence Michallon
New York City
Monday 21 June 2021 21:19
Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood - Trailer
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Previously unseen footage of Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood has been unveiled.

The images are part of a trailer released on Monday as part of the promotion for Quentin Tarantino’s novelisation of his 2019 film.

Published by Entertainment Weekly, the trailer includes additional snapshots of Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth.

Margot Robbie is also seen as Sharon Tate, while an extra clip of Damon Herriman gives a further glimpse into his performance as Charles Manson.

While the movie’s final cut only provided a brief view into Herriman’s Manson, the new trailer includes a short scene in which Manson appears to be in a rage and yells, “F*** you, Jack!” – seemingly in direction of Pitt’s Booth.

Manson is also seen discussing a music audition arranged for him by an acquaintance.

The novel version of Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood will be released on 29 June 2021 by Harper Perennial in the US and W&N in the UK.

Tarantino filmed an abundance of footage that didn’t make it into the final version of the film at the time of its original release. Robbie once told Variety there exists a 20-hour version of Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, stating: “There’s so much more that you didn’t get to see, that we shot that was amazing, and for a million reasons obviously, can’t make the cut.”

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood was nominated for 10 Oscars at the 2020 ceremony, including Best Picture and Best Director. Pitt earned the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Booth, and DiCaprio was nominated in the Best Actor category for his performance as Dalton.

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